OneTable can apply additional encryption for sensitive data fields such as email addresses, credit card information or other PII. This is useful as an additional layer of security for passwords, keys and other especially sensitive information.

While Amazon does encrypt the data at rest internally, this additional encryption safeguards backups and should Amazon ever make a mistake with your data.

The Table constructor crypto property defines the configuration used to encrypt and decrypt attributes that specify crypt: true in their schema.

The crypto property should be set to a hash that a "primary" property that contains the cipher to use and an encryption secret/password. Currently, only a single encryption key called "primary" is supported.

For example:

let db = new Table({
    client: DocumentClientInstance,
    name: 'MyTable',
    schema: Schema,
    crypto: {
        primary: {
            cipher: 'aes-256-gcm',
            password: '16719023-772f-133d-1111-aaaa7722188f'