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There is a growing library of tools and extensions that support OneTable.

If you have developed a tool or library that uses OneTable, please let us know and we'll add it here.

OneTable Migrations

To manage your database migrations, use the OneTable Migrate library for inclusion in your services to manage database migrations.

OneTable Migration Controller

The easiest way to get started with OneTable Migrations is to use the OneTable Controller which provides hosting of the OneTable Migration Library.

OneTable CLI

The OneTable CLI which provides command line migration control for the OneTable Migrate library.

SenseDeep Serverless Developer Studio

The SenseDeep Serverless Developer Studio includes a powerful collection of DynamoDB tools with single-table aware data browser, designer, provisioning planner, migration manager and metrics.

The SenseDeep studio can be used to create OneTable schemas and to manage DynamoDB tables hosting single-table data.